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"... as the only German-speaking company, a visionary on the global Talent Management market."

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The Haufe Talent Management Solution allows you and your organization to concentrate on the most important goals. You will enable smooth cooperation between HR, management and employees and sharpen the focus on effective collaboration. Our philosophy: The greatest facilitators of long-term success are people who do the right thing. Join forces with us to make your organization more successful by empowering everyone to work more productively on the right projects.

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Interview within 10 minutes

Invite top candidates to interview within 10 minutes
. When competing for top talent, it is crucial to react swiftly. Our software enables you personally to arrange a job interview with top candidates within just 10 minutes!

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Conduct effective employee appraisals

Increase your success rate by empowering your employees to do the right thing. To get 360°-feedback from your employees that is complete and accurate, it helps if you can rely on the critical assessment and feedback of an external third party. Our software does just that. Involve your employees and increase their performance.

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Direct link to XING and LinkedIn

Enable applicants to submit an application to your company in just 90 seconds. Data transfer straight from Xing and LinkedIn makes it easy and convenient for your candidates to apply.

The Modules

Applicant management

Successful e-recruiting, from drafting the job description to getting approval from management, right up to the final selection of the candidate. Make use of precious time to get to know applicants properly and win top candidates for your organization.

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Personnel development

Your most important asset are the right people to do the job. Developing their competences poses a tough challenge on HR departments and line managers. Systematic development by setting clear goals and implementing programs raises productivity and job satisfaction.

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Training & Development

Announcements, registrations, information for participants and monitoring success: all part of professional training course management in your organization.

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Goal setting

Supports employees, managers and HR executives reliably with preparation and execution of employee appraisals. Increases effectiveness focusing on the right things.

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Making a meaningful contribution, experiencing success and being offered opportunities to grow and develop: these are all key motivation factors. Honor your employees‘ contribution appropriately while staying in line with budget controls.

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Succession Planning

Identify key line and general managers as they move up through the organization and assure that critical positions will never be left unoccupied for any length of time. Trace the line of an outstanding career and illuminate your employees’ path to success.

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"We think the uncomplicated integration of managers, which is particularly important in decentralized company structures, is great. Simple, efficient and great value for money."

"A simple system that can adjust for the unexpected, and which does not restrict the user unnecessarily, but actually supports him in daily work."

"We significantly reduced our time-to-hire, i.e. the time from advertising the job to actually hiring the selected candidate, from 121 to 17, on average, between March and October 2011."

"This was one of the few IT projects that was successful right after its introduction. The introduction was an automatic success."

"The price-performance ratio is very good. [...] The web-based system has a simple structure, is intuitive in its operation and easy to implement. [...] We particularly like its clarity and the intuitive user guidance. [...] You can simply enable the system for line managers, and they don't need any major training but can work with it immediately."

"The software can be tailored perfectly to the individual requirements and thus offers the highest possible degree of efficiency and flexibility."

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Strategy Circle - IndustryForum Healthcare
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Rethink! HR Strategy & Business Minds
Rethink! HR Strategy & Business Minds
Recruiting: speed will make you a winner

Potential employees want better professional application processes, which is where a software for applicant management comes in – under certain conditions

Time is money: meanwhile, a thought that an increasing number of applicants have – and they are not keen on wasting their time with complicated and protracted application processes. Instead their ideal application would be as quick and simple as booking trip. A current study conducted by consultancy company Potentialpark has come to this conclusion. Many companies are already responding – and are opting for a web-based applicant management in the battle for the best people.

Times have changed: whereas formerly it was companies above all who were in a position to select their employees, today it is generally applicants who are free to choose their employers. The application process is the first selection procedure. Quick and simple – that’s what it should be, otherwise the candidates’ patience is quickly exhausted. According to Potentialpark’s study, 40 percent of those surveyed have been known to break off right in the middle of inputting information as it was taking too long, or because the job advert was too cryptically formulated. Complex systems that are difficult to handle and lack transparency are no longer tolerated by applicants. Another requirement by potential employees: the possibility of applying directly with their XING or LinkedIn profiles. Up until now, however, only 18 percent of companies offer to send the link to the network profile. Seven prerequisites for successful applicant management Applicant demands are becoming increasingly sophisticated, which means the following for companies: if you are not quick enough in the labor market you will lose out. Consequently, recruiting software that actually reduces time-to-hire and enables professional employer communication needs to fulfill a few key prerequisites.

  • End-to-end solution: The software needs to be based on accustomed Internet applications and be intuitive – for applicants, employees and managers alike.
  • Applying in the blink of an eye: Potential employees must have the option of being able to apply to their ideal company in the space of a few minutes and with only a few clicks.
  • Social media recruiting: Interfaces to all relevant social media channels, e.g. XING, LinkedIn , etc., need to be integrated into the software. This will allow applicants to use their existing profiles quickly and easily for their applications.
  • Interfaces to job portals: Companies can put their job adverts online without a great deal of effort in reconciliation and delays in order to reach their candidates effectively.
  • Responsive web design: Applicants can also apply to their ideal companies even if they are on the road by using a web-optimized interface.
  • Integrated video interviews: Questions concerning performance motivation, foreign language skills and expertise can be answered by the applicants independently via WebCam regardless of where their location – this should, however, not be a kick-out criterion.
  • Recruiting analytics: The software ascertains the origin of the application, the length of the personnel recruiting process, as well as the age structure of applicants, which will enable companies to identify the contact and recruiting option that works best for them
  • Social recruiting: The software must allow job adverts to be prepared in a way that attracts applicants on an emotional level. An example would be that the team looking for new members can present itself with images in the job advert. Employees who are themselves actively looking for new colleagues are willing to share “their” job adverts in their own social networks.
CEO Marc Stoffel re-elected through a democratic process

Haufe-umantis employees vote on management and corporate strategy Now almost a tradition at Haufe-umantis AG: Once a year, the company’s employees elect its top executives in a democratic and anonymous election process. The time had come in January again: All management members put themselves up for election. CEO Marc Stoffel and Executive Board Chairman Hermann Arnold were given a vote of trust by their employees for another year. The position of Chief Financial Officer was newly filled by Matthias Hugentobler. Thorsten Schaar was elected to take over as head of the Market segment and Verena Dönni as manager of the Customer segment.

Acting CEO Marc Stoffel was elected to this office by his employees for the first time in 2013 and has been reaffirmed in this position now for the second time, with a clear majority of 85 percent. “I am delighted that I have been given another year to prove that I am the right man for the job in the current situation. Three aspects are top of my personal agenda: forging ahead with the vision and strategic direction of Haufe-umantis, developing our company into a high-performance organization with international operations, and sustainably securing a corporate culture focused on implementation”, stated Stoffel.

The other managers also achieved very good results across the board: 99 percent of the employees were in favor of Hermann Arnold standing again for the position of chair of the Executive Board. Matthias Hugentobler was given a unanimous vote approving his election as Chief Financial Officer. In his new position, his will bear responsibility primarily for Finance and HR and for further optimizing existing processes. The managers for the “Market” and “Customer” segments also received strong support. 92 percent of the employees vested their trust in Thorsten Schaar as manager of the Market segment, and 80 percent gave their votes to Verena Dönni to lead the Customer segment.

Haufe-umantis wins second place in New Work Award 2015

“It’s employees who run businesses” has won a prize as the second-best initiative in the SMEs & Start-ups category Freiburg/St. Gallen, January 27, 2015 – The decision has been made: Haufe-umantis AG won second place yesterday in the SMEs & Start-ups category of the New Work Award 2015. The software vendor presented its corporate philosophy of “It’s employees who run businesses” that was compelling not only for the jury with its high-profile members headed by Thomas Sattelberger, Deutsche Telekom’s former CFO, and Dr. Thomas Vollmoeller, XING AG’s CEO. It also was convincing for the many people who voted online on the ten short-listed initiatives and showed their preference for the employee-concentric leadership model of the Haufe Group’s Swiss subsidiary.

How can companies reposition themselves to meet the changed requirements in the markets while also ensuring that they remain sustainable and attractive to employees in the future? This was the question that the New Work Awards initiators, a cooperation between XING, FOCUS and the Human Resources Manager specialist magazine, seek to investigate. They award companies who pioneer ground-breaking ways of organizing tomorrow’s working world.

“We are delighted to have won the prize, most particularly as a panel of experts as well as many online voters officially recognized our agile approach to leadership. It means a great deal to us and gives us the confirmation that a growing number of people are thinking about tomorrow’s working world and taking a critical look at traditional organization structures”, said Hermann Arnold, co-founder and chairman of Haufe-umantis AG, expressing his delight at the result. “For us, one thing is clear: Employees are the greatest lever for sustainable company success. We would like to set an example here while encouraging other companies to develop employee-concentric organization models, as we think this is the future of work.”More than 100 companies who are rethinking the workplace competed for the prize this year. Following preselection by the expert jury, it was up to the participants in the process of online dating to select a winner from the ten finalists. Auticon GmbH took first prize in the SMEs & Start-ups category as the first German company who exclusively hires autistic people as consultants in IT. Second place went to Haufe-umantis in the same category. The awards were presented at the ceremonial New Work Gala in the Museum for Communication Berlin.

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