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The Applicant Management software for efficient e-recruiting processes

Efficient recruiting processes are important because excellent Applicant Management is one of the key drivers of corporate success. Finding and attracting the right employees secures a decisive competitive advantage. Successful Applicant Management can be achieved through high involvement of hiring manager and team members. From the application to the employment contract. The Applicant Management software supports you with a digital and therefore paperless Process in your recruiting. This allows your candidates to apply to your company within 90 seconds. A quick response to the application of top candidates is equally ensured with the applicant management system: invite your favorites with a few clicks to interview . The Applicant Management software is suitable for all company with more than 25 job postings per year. No matter if you are a large company or a company from the middle class, the recruiting software can be extended by further modules from Umantis according to your needs. In addition to classic company also public sector institutions are among our Customers.

What makes our applicant management software different?

Digital application process - simple & fast
Supervisors & team are directly involved
Easy job posting
Contract documents can be created directly in the tool


Request jobs
Job Tender
Active sourcing
applicant manage
Cooperation with hiring manager
Appointment determination
Video interviews
Contract design
Talent Journey
Step 1

Apply for new jobs easily with the applicant management system

  • Entire Process: From the message of a freelance Job to the employment contract
  • Apply for new jobs easily and post them quickly
  • Map job approval process digitally in Applicant Management
  • All vacancies at a glance

With the help of the Applicant Management software, you can map the entire recruiting process Process from the vacancy notification to approval, publication to the employment contract. In this way, new jobs can be applied for and advertised quickly and easily. This step can also be initiated by managers in the Applicant Management software. After the personnel requirement notification, the job application usually follows in Recruiting. Only after the job application has been submitted to approval can the recruitment process begin. Even during the year, there is often an additional need for new employees and then there is a need for urgency in filling the position. You can map this entire job approval process digitally with the Applicant Management software.

Step 2

Recruiting software: Post appealing job ads simply digitally

  • Coherent candidate experience from Start
  • Multiposting via the Applicant Management software
  • Google for Jobs
  • Job ads & job market customizable to your corporate identity

The candidate experience in recruiting already begins with the job advertisement, because the job search should also be fun. With our advertisements, you arouse emotions and interest in the applicants. For example, personally introduce the team that is currently looking for reinforcement. All advertisements of the Applicant Management software are individually adaptable to the corporate identity of your company.

So you can for example:

  • Include the exact job location
  • Introducing the team
  • Design advertisements according to your wishes

At the click of a mouse, you can decide whether the job advertisement is to appear only internally, on your career page, or also externally on other job portals(multiposting). All job ads written with the Applicant Management software meet the requirements of Google for Jobs. With just one mouse click you can ensure an optimal positioning in the ranking results. Learn more about Google for Jobs in our blog post.

Step 3

Multiposting with the Applicant Management software

The multipostingfunction is directly integrated into the Applicant Management software. Learn more.

  • Post job ads with just a few clicks on over 500 job platforms in Germany (over 2'500 worldwide)
  • Recommendation for the appropriate channel per target group
  • Central billing workflow
  • Attractive pricing

You decide by mouse click whether the job advertisement appears only internally, on your career page or also externally on other job portals (multiposting). The module "Employees-advertise-Employees"offers you as an extension to the Applicant Management software the possibility to advertise jobs as employee recommendation. No matter on which and on how many online job portals the Job appears, you write the job posting only once. This saves valuable working time.

Step 4

Active sourcing - candidate search made easy with Applicant Management software

  • Find the best talent
  • Digital Sourcing Process with your Applicant Management software
  • Search external and internal talent pools easily with the solution
  • Sustainable support of your active sourcing strategy

The targeted search for profiles and the personal approach via social media offer advantages in the competition for the best candidates in recruiting-Process. With our Applicant Management software you use a recruiting tool that supports your active sourcing strategy sustainably. Simply search your own talent pools as well as those of LinkedIn or XING for suitable talents. Increase your chances of finding the best applicant for your company !

professional career and business networks (e.g. XING or LinkedIn) have become established, more and more recruiters are discovering the possibilities of social media for recruiting. The Applicant Management software enables the complete handling of the application process without paper and thus meets the needs and wishes of social media users in a special way. Prospective candidates apply easily, conveniently, quickly and securely via the solution with their social profile after being approached via social channels. Integrations such as"Apply with LinkedIn" further simplify the application process for your candidates. But your daily recruiting work can also be made much easier. Through the interface "LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect" all information about Job and the applicants, as well as e.g. the previous communication are continuously synchronized with the Applicant Management software. Maintenance in two systems is no longer necessary. Learn more about active sourcing.

Step 5

Invite top candidates to interview in ten minutes with the Applicant Management software

  • Fast response times: Invitetop candidates in a personal way within minutes
  • Candidates can apply quickly and easily
  • applications easily possible without prior registration as well as unsolicited application
  • Applicant Management Software usable with different devices
  • More information

Fast response times in recruiting on the part of HR are the be-all and end-all in the battle for the best talents. With our Applicant Management software, you invite top candidates to interview in a personal way within a few minutes . At the same time, the candidate journey must be as simple and fast as possible. A application without prior registration or a unsolicited application are easy to implement with the recruiting software. This reduces the number of steps for applicants and increases the chances of finding top talent. After all, time-consuming registrations in the recruitingProcess discourage good candidates. How does it work? When application is received, you will receive a notification in our e-recruiting software. The application can be accessed mobile from anywhere, because the Applicant Management software is compatible and can be used on all devices. Using professional e-mail templates, which you can easily supplement with personal comments, answers can be sent to you within a few minutes – individually and targeted.

Step 6

Cooperation in the applicant management system

  • Easy collaboration between HR and hiring manager
  • appointments, documents and assessments of the candidates are available centrally in the software
  • Customized cockpits, dashboards and reports
  • Personal wizards also support the hiring manager in the use of the Applicant Management software

Collaboration in Applicant Management software between HR & hiring manager is critical in selecting suitable talent. The recruiting software offers the optimal cockpit for everyone involved in recruitingProcess . If the status of a candidate changes, for example, the responsible supervisor immediately receives a message and can jump directly into the candidate profile to view all information. Whether from the office or mobile on the road – appointments, documents and assessments of the candidates are always available centrally in your Applicant Management software. The Applicant Management portal provides optimal support here: At applicant-cockpit, applicants have full transparency about the current status of their application at any time and can keep information and documents up to date. The linecockpit or the HR-cockpit is aligned to the needs of the line manager or HR and is customizable. HR-cockpit:The HR-cockpit provides all information important for the personnel departments concerning the application process. All processes and activities are triggered from here. With the help of dashboards there is absolute transparency, e.g. about received applications, open positions or upcoming appointments. The dashboard can be customized and thus leads directly to frequently used functions with the help of direct links. In HR-cockpit you maintain the information, assessments and communications with the candidates. With each candidate you deposit a assessment and judge in such a way the "fit" on the Job. Beyond that you compare candidates in the Applicant Management Tool completely simply with one another. For this comparison the Applicant Management software offers a clear representation, so you forward only the really suitable candidates to the specialist department. Line-cockpit: The line cockpit within the Applicant Management software is a personal wizard for line managers and makes the collaboration between recruiters and line managers easier than ever before. If a suitable application is received in the applicant management system, it can be easily forwarded to the line manager. If the status of a candidate changes, the line manager immediately receives a message. The line manager has all the information available centrally in the candidate profile. Whether from the office or mobile on the road – appointments, documents and assessments of the candidates are always available centrally in your Applicant Management software. If necessary, other decision-makers can be integrated into the Process . The hiring manager returns the assessment directly to the HR department via the recruiting software and is always informed about the next steps. If necessary, the line manager can also contact the applicant directly.

Step 7

Arrange quickly and easily with the recruiting software appointments

  • Arrange job interviews with just a few clicks
  • Appointment finding made easy - matchcalendar of internal interview participants directly in the solution
  • Integrated Outlook plugin facilitates communication via the recruiting software

Once you have received an application from a suitable candidate, it is important to quickly arrange Job interview. Coordinating appointments is very simple: With function for making appointments, you receive an up-to-date Overview | Dashboard about the availability of internal interview participants with just one click. This saves you lengthy coordination processes between the specialist department, HR and the candidates. There is no need to switch between Applicant Management software and your calendar. Check availabilities & arrange appointments. Save time and arrange your interview appointments directly in the e-recruiting solution. Then send the invitation to the interview directly to the desired candidate. You receive the answer or a query by e-mail? With the help of the Outlook plug-in integrated as standard, you can simply transfer the communication to the Applicant Management tool. Your communication is thus transparent and traceable for all colleagues.

Step 8

Set up video interviews easily with the Applicant Management software

A face-to-face interview is not always possible or suitable. With the Applicant Management software, video recruiting is easily implemented. Invite candidates directly from the solution to a live video interview. If this is not feasible due to different time zones, time-shifted video interviews are also possible via the Applicant Management tool. In addition, the solution allows candidates to submit a video application. Read more about video interviews in our blog.

Step 9

Simple contract
design directly in the applicant management system

  • Designcontract templates directly in the Applicant Management solution
  • Contract creation process
  • master data sheet digitally map
  • Onboarding-Process simply initiate

The right candidates have been found. Now only the employment contract is missing to complete the recruiting. Here, too, the applicant management system provides you with comprehensive support. For example, you can store contract templates in the system. job title Wage data, name, mailing address , etc. are automatically transferred from the system to the template and inserted at the click of a mouse. The entire contract creation process takes place within the applicant management system. A jump to another solution is not necessary. The master data sheet can also be mapped digitally and the data transferred directly to all necessary systems (payroll, personnel development, etc.). At Setting of the desired candidate you initiate the onboarding directly via the Applicant Management software if required. The data transfer from the Applicant Management software happens automatically, so that you do not have to do a double data entry. Candidates who unfortunately did not make it to the shortlist, but are still interesting for your company, are now assigned to a suitable talent pool. applicant If a candidate does not match your company, you can inform them about your decision using text templates (which can always be customized) and automated mailings.

Step 10

Analytics & Analytics of the application processes in the Applicant Management software

The Applicant Management software provides you with innovative and meaningful Analytics about process indicators, quality of applicants and the most effective advertising channels as well as applicant sources. In this way, you can find out with just a few clicks how many applications you have received in response to a Job, what the average time-to-hire is and how many applications are currently stored in the system with which status. We provide you with central Analytics, which makes your daily work easier and supports you in your decisions.

Step 11

Combine talent relationship management with applicant management system

The desired talents are not always on an active job search or the right Job is available for talents already known. In such situations, a talent relationship management system supports their personnel acquisition beyond classic recruiting. In addition to regular applicants, passive talents can also be developed into applicants via a personal Talent Journey with the help of Talent Relationship Management software. Relationships with all candidates are thus optimally maintained and easily communicated to specific target groups. Our partner PeoplePath will be happy to advise you individually regarding your requirements. Learn more about this topic.

Webinar Applicant Management

Get an overview of the Umantis Applicant Management software in the webinar and see for yourself why it should not be missing from your company .

More information

Raiffeisen-Landesbank Steiermark AG is an Austrian regional bank headquartered in Graz. It is the largest bank and top institution of the Raiffeisen Banking Group Styria. Abacus Umantis AG has the privilege to accompany the Raiffeisen Banking Group Styria with its comprehensive and value-adding HRM suite in the long term. The simplification and digitalization of processes, especially the succession process, has a special focus.

Umantis Talent Management: Not only good, now also awarded.
Swiss Paraplegic Group scores with Umantis at the Swiss Employer Award.

Talent Management Processes at Sacher: Focusing on People. Typical Sacher: Designing talent management processes in such a way that talents are optimally empowered. And this with the optimal support of the Umantis software.

The ten cooperatives, the numerous subsidiaries and foundations make the diversity of the Migros Group particularly striking and challenging.

The Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft, headquartered in Vienna, has been able to greatly simplify the entire applicant administration in recruiting with Umantis Applicant Management .

As a leading airport in Europe, we pursue professional employer branding. Umantis is an essential core element for attracting and managing our human resources policy.

"(...) Our benefits: Efficiency, no big time expenditure for the course | training of new employees, and always continuous information about the status of the application; to name just a few

"Working with Umantis has always been easy and focused on our needs. The platform offers tangible added value with regard to Applicant Management. We look forward to integrating more modules to enable a consistent candidate experience."

A significant time- and thus cost saving is only one added value from which the VTU Group has benefited since the introduction of the Applicant Management solution from Umantis.

Further information on the topic of talent management

Here we have compiled more information on the topic of talent management software.

What is Talent Management? - Definition

Basically, talent management is about attracting, identifying, retaining and developing talented employees. Talent management thus encompasses all activities relating to personnel marketing and personnel retention and development. However, there is no universal definition of talent management.

However, most talent management definitions target the following:

‍Talent management comprises the internally and externally directed strategies, methods and measures that ensure for company that the positions important for the company's success are permanently filled with the right employees. The decisive criterion for this is the Question, whether the employee has the necessary potential for the key function in the company . A decisive role role in talent management is played by managers. But also the HR department, which acts as a driver, innovator and coordinator for processes and tools.

Talent management is therefore the discipline that deals with employees, their skills and also their commitment. With good talent management, productivity increases at company because employees work with passion and energy on the right things. Therefore, company and in particular HR have the task of creating the working environment in which employees are motivated in the best possible way to make their contribution to the success of the company.

Talent management therefore begins before an employee is even hired at company . This is because the most important applicant groups are already targeted during employer branding. After recruiting, the other tasks talent management activities can be grouped into these areas:

  • Performance Management,
  • Compensation Management/Compensation,
  • Skill and competence management/personnel development
  • Career and succession planning
  • Talent Relationship Management (keeping in touch with employees who leave company ).

Talent management in practice

In practice, talent management means that company uses employees in such a way that they make the best possible contribution to the company's success with their Skills and their knowledge. If employees are involved, they can develop their talents and provide the greatest benefit for the company . This is also where the future of talent management lies: employees must be increasingly integrated into corporate processes. For example, many company involve the team in the recruiting Process process. So it's not just about automating an existing Process and making it more efficient. Rather, it's about company doing everything it can to implement effective talent management that makes a noticeable contribution to increasing productivity.
After all, the pure process optimization that many providers of talent management solutions propagate usually falls short. Talent management only works if all those involved, i.e. employees, superiors and HR department, are joint designers of the process. This is also in the tradition of the management pioneer Peter F. Drucker, who sees many talent management processes as the responsibility of the employees themselves. Involvement of the employees should enable the best fit between the needs of the employees, the organization and also the respective situation.
However, most talent management definitions aim at the following:

‍Talent management comprises the internally and externally directed strategies, methods and measures that ensure for company that the positions important for the company's success are permanently filled with the right employees. The key criterion for this is the Question, whether employees have the necessary potential for the key function in the company . A decisive role role in talent management is played by managers. But also the HR department, which acts as a driver, innovator and coordinator for processes and tools.

Successful talent management focuses on the employees focus, not the processes

New Work, Working 4.0, Next Economy - the buzzwords describing the future of our working world are as varied as the opinions about what exactly this future will look like. But one thing is clear: Our work is being increasingly influenced by social and economic developments such as flexibilization, digitization and globalization. Employees now have different expectations of their employers than they did just a few years ago - especially the so-called Generation Y or Z. They want more say in company, can no longer do anything with rigid hierarchies, and demand an agile and self-determined way of working. Also on the wish list: A modern workplace with the latest technologies, often already familiar from private use.

However, many talent management strategies do not take this into account. While they all have the goal to attract, develop, and productively deploy employees, the majority of approaches still assume that employees are merely resources to be controlled or managed. The corresponding software solutions mainly serve to optimize processes. Umantis represents a fundamentally different understanding. An overview of the two groups of talent management providers:
1. The Umantis principle: "People who do the right thing Talent management is the only discipline that specifically addresses employees, their Skills and their commitment. Management, especially Human Resources, must create a work environment in which employees are allowed, able and willing to make their contribution to the success of the company. After all, the willingness to give "everything" is largely determined by whether the employee has the right task and the corresponding scope for action. Properly understood talent management therefore inspires confidence in employees and involves them in decisions . This also increases productivity at . This also increases productivity at company. Not because employees work more or harder. But because they work on the right things with competence, passion and personal responsibility. Talent management can only work if all those involved, i.e. employees, supervisors and the HR department, are shapers of this process. This is because it creates the greatest overlap between the requirements of the job and the needs of employees, the organization and the situation.

Umantis represents a European, employee-centric approach in the tradition of Peter F. Drucker - and the software is also aligned with this. It is crucial that a talent management solution is designed for end users. At the same time, it must be in line with the media habits of a digital society and - in line with common Internet applications - be operable without course | training . This enables employees Active to participate in the design of their Development at company . In addition, the software company must enable "soft" value-adding HR-data such as Competencies, qualifications or goals to be collected, shared and used for the company's success without great effort. Employees must have access access to company-critical information and be able to take responsibility for themselves and company on this basis. Only software that follows such a bottom-up principle ultimately leads to satisfied employees who also make the company successful. Talent management software that is intended to support Work 4.0 with all its facets must not be a purely administrative or control instrument or expert system. On the contrary, it must support productive collaboration and the exchange of information between employees, supervisors, the HR department and also external partners and Customers .

‍The Umantis principle: People who do the right thing

The idea: The source of success is employees who do the right thing.

‍The way: Involving employees should enable the best fit between the needs of the task, the organization, the situation and the employee. The people concept: Employees are involved as shapers in decisions . Their potential and talents are put to use at Job in company , where they contribute to the company's success in the best possible way.

2. "Scientific management": master of all processes
Payroll accounting, time recording or absence management are typical processes in which the main focus is on standardization, automation and the avoidance of errors. For HR experts, processes and systems need to be organized as efficiently as possible. Most talent management solutions to date have therefore been strongly focused on process optimization. However, strategic HR work does not only take place in the HR department. There are processes for which hiring manager is primarily responsible. These include the Setting and assessment of employees, the decision regarding development measures or the nomination of candidates for career steps. In soft, value-creating issues, it is necessary not to focus on 100 percent process optimization, but to limit oneself to the essential aspects. Employees at hiring manager do not carry out the HR processes for which they are responsible on a daily basis. Therefore, they must be organized as simply as possible and supported by intuitive systems. Scientific Management: Eliminating Inefficiencies

The idea: Processes must be designed optimally in order to eliminate inefficiencies. Staff departments are usually commissioned to develop comprehensive optimization concepts Create.

‍The way to achieve this is to standardize and automate processes. The hope is that the defined concepts will be implemented efficiently and as smoothly as possible.

‍The human factor: Automation is intended to eliminate the human factor as a source of error.

3 Successful talent management: Quo vadis?
Properly understood talent management places trust in employees and includes them in decisions . It responds to the needs of employees and enables them to make an impact at the right Job in company . After all, people want to take on meaningful work, be successful at it and be recognized for it. And for the company , too, it's ultimately about one thing: people working together productively and meaningfully. This is precisely where the future of talent management software lies: it must address the challenges and demands of the new world of work, connect people, support all employees equally in their work, and enable them to make an individual contribution to the company's success - in line with their knowledge and Skills. The previous notion of mapping out as best as possible a Process defined in a small circle is outdated.

In summary, there are 5 prerequisites for successful talent management:

  • Voluntariness - participation in measures is not a must
  • Flexibility - keeping processes and structures agile
  • focus - Map and use only the relevant functions
  • Freedom - leaving room for unstructured information and self-organization
  • Fault tolerance - errors allow and learn from it.

When HR departments get their talent management right, they not only meet with broad acceptance from managers and employees who use a corresponding software solution. They also become active shapers and support the cultural change at company as an important partner of the management. And this change from hierarchical structures to an open management culture is imperative in order to effectively shape collaboration in teams, promote the talents of each individual in a targeted manner, and ultimately ensure the success of the company. We should take talent management literally: It is about the talents of our employees - and their best possible use in company. To do this, we need to involve them. They themselves are well aware of their strengths and potential. In most cases, they know best how they can make the greatest contribution to the company's success. If they are involved, they can develop their talents and provide the greatest benefit for the organization.

Talent Management: Best Practices

The first thing many company think about is optimizing processes. However, this is fundamentally too little, because pure process optimization - which is also offered by many software providers of talent management solutions - falls short. Talent Management only works if all parties involved, i.e. employees, superiors and HR department, are shapers of this process. This is also in the tradition of Peter F. Drucker, pioneer of modern management, who sees many talent management processes as the responsibility of the employees themselves. In principle, the best fit between the needs of the employees, the organization and also the respective situation is made possible through the involvement of the employees.

In talent management, there are basically different strategies and thus also best practices, but all of them pursue the same goal goal : Attracting employees, developing them and ultimately using them productively. Read here about three completely different company that have found a best practice in talent management.

Best Practices in Talent Management: 3 Case Studies

‍Best Practice 1: Talent management at the top employer
‍The Swiss Paraplegic Group has around 1,600 employees who provide lifelong support for paraplegics. The company is one of the most popular employers in Switzerland and came fourth in the Swiss Employer Awards in 2016. Talent management at company is also outstanding. "Our focus is on the heart, on the human element. We therefore want to keep administrative processes as lean as possible," says Andreas Korner, Head of Human Resources, describing the philosophy of the Swiss Paraplegic Group. This is precisely the philosophy that company also pursues in talent management and therefore also relies on a solution that puts people at the center. In doing so, company maps almost all HR processes, from e-recruiting and learning management to target agreements. The latter in particular led to resounding success among employees. Read the entire success story in the case study. download

‍Best Practice 2: Professional Talent Management in the company under 50 Employees
‍Is talent management only something for the "big guys"? This thesis is often put forward by small or medium-sized company companies. However, these companies - just like large corporations - face the challenge of recruiting the right employees, advertising AGG-compliant positions, and conducting goal-oriented employee interviews. A professional image is often particularly important for SMEs company, which often complain about a shortage of qualified applications employees. Because qualified specialists would like to be addressed professionally. This is also shown by the case study of the technology company Rimage Corporation, a company with less than 50 employees, which was faced with the challenge of searching for the proverbial "egg-laying mealy-mouths" search- i.e. talents with special skills. Using professional talent management software, company is now able to focus precisely on these interesting talents. Read the entire success story in the case study. download

‍Best Practice 3: Shaping the future of a service company with talent management Active
‍Service companies are fully dependent on motivated employees who are enthusiastic not only about their work but also about their employer. After all, Customers is ultimately best inspired by motivated employees. To keep it that way, company Carglass relies on professional talent management with a software solution. This was introduced on a modular basis in order to involve the employees in the Process as well. This means that talent management was not based on existing processes. Instead, best practices were used to jointly discuss how, for example, employee reviews can be designed to add value to the teams and to company . "Basically, with the help of our software, we are now implementing exactly what good HR work should do: Motivation, promotion, Development and retention of qualified employees. And in doing so, the focus is clearly on our corporate goal: service that inspires," says Marco Holzapfel, Head of Strategic Human Resources Management at Carglass. Read the entire success story in the case study.

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