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Applicant management

Successful Applicant Management & Efficient E-Recruiting

Efficient recruiting processes are important, but excellent applicant management is one of the critical drivers of a company’s success: if you can find the right people to work for you, you will have a decisive competitive advantage. You can achieve effective applicant management by involving managers and team members. From drafting the job description to final selection of the candidate, you can rely on paperless applicant management. Your candidates can submit their application to you quickly and simply in 90 seconds and we enable you to react swiftly to applications from top candidates. All you have to do is invite them to interview. It takes just ten minutes.

benefits: Applicant Management

What do we do differently:

  • Paperless application process – simple and fast
  • Manager and team are directly involved
  • Attractive job ads
  • Application submitted in 90 seconds
  • Respond swiftly to high-caliber applicants

Increase hiring rate

Involve your employees from the very beginning in your recruiting process and listen to what your team say. The key to successful applicant management is to involve your employees. Watch your hiring rate grow!

Involve your employees in your recruiting process
Team integration

Team Integration in jobs ads

Let your applicants meet the people who they might work with in future – give them an accurate picture of the job on offer and of their potential colleagues.

Applicant Management detail


You can also leverage the job ad to promote the precise location where the new recruit will be based.

Invite top candidates to interview within ten minutes

Swift reactions are the name of the game in the quest for the best talent. With our applicant management software, you can personally arrange an interview with top candidates within ten minutes. What a great first impression!

How do you do it? As soon as the application has been submitted, you will receive a message and can retrieve the application, no matter where you happen to be at the time. You can respond using professional e-mail templates that you can fill out easily in no time at all and to which you can add your personal touch.

arrange an interview with top candidates within ten minutes
Personal digital assistant

Personal digital assistant

You can process new applications quickly and easily.

Top candidates at a glance

Top candidates at a glance

Managers can identify top candidates at a glance and can invite them to interview.

Smooth co-operation between HR & managers

The Line Cockpit is a personalized tool for managers and makes cooperation between HR and managers easier than ever before. If the status of a candidate changes, the relevant manager receives notification immediately and can check the candidate’s profile. Wherever the manager may be, in the office, or on the go - appointments, documents and testimonials about the candidate will be available in a centralized database.

The Line Cockpit
A list of all upcoming interviews

A list of all upcoming interviews is generated, so that managers can prepare thoroughly.

Preliminary assessment at a glance

Preliminary assessment at a glance

Managers can see at a glance whether the candidate matches the job and can access the screening conducted by HR.

Publish appealing job ads

The candidate’s experience of your organization begins with the job ad. And job seeking should be fun. Our job ads draw interest and positive emotions among candidates towards your company. The very team who is seeking new members can introduce themselves personally, for instance. Each job ad can be formatted in line with your company’s CI.

Publish appealing job ads
Attractive job ads

Attractive job ads

Leverage the potential of a well designed job ad. Short texts give initial details and encourage applicants to find out more.

Full-text search or structured search functionality

Full-text search or structured search functionality

No matter what, your applicant will find the information they need quickly.

Attractive external presentation

An attractive external presentation is your chance to make an impact in a fiercely competitive job market. Potential applicants will get to know your company based on this first impression. Show just what your company has to offer on the Jobs & Career section of your website. Onboarding starts even before the formal application; win competitive advantage on the job market with appealing presentation.

Attractive external presentation Attractive external presentation

User-friendly operation

Publish texts, pictures and multimedia content easily and conveniently on the Jobs & Careers section of your website.

Tailored offering

Create your Jobs & Career section to meet the specifications of your CI and give candidates an insight into the culture of your company.

Analysis & Evaluations

Our applicant management allows you to conduct innovative and important analysis about process data, quality of applicants, the most effective job ad channels and most promising sources of top candidates. We offer you our many years of experience and assistance with centralized data evaluations that will ease your workload day-in, day-out and that will support you in your decision-making.

Analysis & Evaluations
Excellent data analysis technology
Excellent data analysis technology

Excellent data analysis technology

Identify your most important sources of top candidates.

Successful recruiting

Evaluate quickly and easily your success rate with regard to recruiting strategy.



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Success Stories

"We think the uncomplicated integration of managers, which is particularly important in decentralized company structures, is great. Simple, efficient and great value for money."

"A simple system that can adjust for the unexpected, and which does not restrict the user unnecessarily, but actually supports him in daily work."

"We significantly reduced our time-to-hire, i.e. the time from advertising the job to actually hiring the selected candidate, from 121 to 17, on average, between March and October 2011."

"This was one of the few IT projects that was successful right after its introduction. The introduction was an automatic success."

"The software can be tailored perfectly to the individual requirements and thus offers the highest possible degree of efficiency and flexibility."

Live the Future of Talent Management

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