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Comprehensive and flexible analytics options for candidate management

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Business Analytics
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Analytics - easy and intuitive

Business Analytics offers you comprehensive and flexible analytics options for self-service candidate management. Unlike conventional dashboard or analytics tools, Business Analytics is a sophisticated analytics solution which assists you to identify deviations and trends, independently analyze and investigate root causes of complex issues as well as reliably make specific recommendations for actions and decisions.

Business Analytics

Your benefits

Die Recruitingprozesse und Kosten optimieren
Optimized recruiting processes and costs
Relevant figures enable you to identify optimization potentials and to directly incorporate them in your recruiting processes.
Die Wettbewerbsstärke verbessern
Improved competitiveness
Thanks to intelligent analytics you know which channel to use to reach your top candidates.
Die Zufriedenheit Ihrer Bewerber und interner Stakeholder erhöhen
Increased satisfaction of your candidates and internal stakeholders
Comprehensive analytics provides transparency regarding the quality of your processes and helps to reduce lead times.
Den ROI für Ihre Investition schnell erzielen
Quick ROI for your investment
With best practice analytics, you have pre-configured KPIs at your fingertips and can adapt your HR processes in the right places.

Successful application channels

Which of your application channels lead to successful recruitments? Identify the number of incoming applications for each application channel. Compare the application channels through which you receive applications with application channels that led to successful recruitments ("source of success“).

Erfolgreiche Bewerbungskanäle
Erfolgreiche Bewerbungskanäle

Identifying successful channels

Invest more selectively by knowing your successful application channels.

Application methods

What application methods do your candidates use? Identify changes in the usage behavior of your candidates regarding their application methods. Use this knowledge about your candidates' usage behavior for your campaigns.

Kampagnenerfolge mit Daten belegen

Documenting campaign results with data

Demonstrate your campaign results with data and further optimize the campaigns if necessary.

Application channel usage

What application channels do your candidates use? Determine the most successful application channels: on the whole and for each application phase. Compare and visualize the effect of the application channels throughout the entire application process.

Nutzung Bewerbungskanäle
Kampagnenerfolge mit Daten belegen

Identifying search methods used by top candidates

This reports shows the search methods used by top candidates to find your company, so you can develop them selectively.

Location analysis

How attractive are your locations to talents? Determine the candidate quality for each location. Identify the locations with the highest appeal to talents. Further refinement of the report, e.g. according to application channel, job type, etc.

Kampagnenerfolge mit Daten belegen

Identifying attractive locations

The report enables you to selectively improve talent sourcing efficiency.

Self-service analytics

Business Analytics is intuitively usable and enables you to conduct ad hoc analyses very flexibly. Comprehensive and individual analyses can be created autonomously by drag and drop, thus providing you with straightforward answers to variable, multi-dimensional issues.

As a user you do not need any database skills or expertise in analytics, so you avoid doubt and loss of efficiency. You can conduct route cause analyses using your specialist know-how and see at glance where you need to take action. In the menu bar, click on "New Analysis Report" to create an individual report. Select a predefined data source and simply compile your report by drag and drop.

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Success Stories

"We think the uncomplicated integration of managers, which is particularly important in decentralized company structures, is great. Simple, efficient and great value for money."

"A simple system that can adjust for the unexpected, and which does not restrict the user unnecessarily, but actually supports him in daily work."

"We significantly reduced our time-to-hire, i.e. the time from advertising the job to actually hiring the selected candidate, from 121 to 17, on average, between March and October 2011."

"This was one of the few IT projects that was successful right after its introduction. The introduction was an automatic success."

"The software can be tailored perfectly to the individual requirements and thus offers the highest possible degree of efficiency and flexibility."

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