Efficient compensation payment processes leave more room for value creating HR projects.

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Effiziente Vergütungsprozesse schaffen Freiraum für wertschöpfende HR-Tätigkeiten.

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Performance-oriented compensation

If the payroll process is not structured efficiently, any company will, sooner or later, get into serious difficulties. Value creating HR work is only possible if as few resources as possible are tied up in non-value creating tasks such as calculation of base salary and bonuses. Complete your payment processing quickly, simply and transparently, and

keep sight of the big picture and budget ceilings at all times. We additionally offer flexible adjustment options for different compensation models. So you can create efficient compensation processes and free up precious resources for value creating projects.

What we do differently:

  • Provide transparency across all divisions
  • Provide tools specially modified for individual users
  • Offer simple calibration
  • Provide intelligent, adjustable compensation models

Efficient calculation

An intelligent compensation model can be set up and saved straight to the application, thus lightening the load on managers in employee appraisals. Honor the performance of your employees quickly and easily.

Intelligent calculation models
The bonus is calculated automatically, thus lightening the load on managers.

Transparency across all divisionsXXX

With our solution, you keep sight of the big picture regarding base salary and bonus payments, as well as considering budget ceilings across all divisions, departments and employees. Analyses in chart and graph form, as well as interactive reports, provide a transparent compensation model. In addition, you have access to a range of different data evaluations, such as base salary levels, for instance, or ratio of performance to bonus payments. These evaluations can be combined as necessary and exported to Excel. XXX

Vollständige Lohntransparenz
Die Lohn- und Bonusverteilungen der leistungsorientierten Bezahlung sind über alle Abteilungen, Bereiche und Mitarbeiter transparent.

Run salary and bonus payment processes efficiently

Managers are fully integrated in the process and are supported with regard to performance-oriented payment of their staff. Calibration of base salary and bonus is fast and simple, so that processes for salary and bonus payments are efficient. A tool on the start page, specially modified to individual requirements, and a clear task management system, support all users.

Efficient processes
Salary and bonus payments can be rolled out simply and quickly.


„The software can be tailored perfectly to the individual requirements and thus offers the highest possible degree of efficiency and flexibility.“

„We significantly reduced our time-to-hire, i.e. the time from advertising the job to actually hiring the selected candidate, from 121 to 17, on average, between March and October 2011.“

„We think the uncomplicated integration of managers, which is particularly important in decentralized company structures, is great. Simple, efficient and great value for money.“

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