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Simple, Efficient and Transparent

The new Instant Feedback app helps you to establish an honest, constructive and open feedback culture in your company. With a few clicks, your employees can request feedback on their own behavior or provide feedback on a person or meeting — at any time. 

Use the Instant Feedback app and, along with your employees, encourage their further personal development in a targeted fashion. This leads to increased levels of commitment and motivation among your employees.

Your advantages

  • Enable an open and constructive feedback culture.
  • Employees are able to give and receive feedback quickly - at any time.
  • Increase motivation and satisfaction through employee recognition.
  • Employees are able to recognize development potential on their own allowing for continuous personal development based on constructive peer to peer feedback.
  • The current progress of development is transparent for all employees.
  • Promote and improve the exchange of ideas and collaboration within your organization.

App & Features


The app allows your employees to give and receive targeted feedback to and from their colleagues. Individuals frequently working and collaborating with other employees will automatically appear in each other's list of favorites. Feedback is given by selecting the feedback recipient and clicking on the corresponding feedback category.

Feedback recipients can receive additional details via the comment field for the selected feedback category.


Employees can give direct feedback to meeting organizers and participants regarding the conduct and quality of a meeting once it concludes. The direct link between the app and a user's calendar ensures that all meeting participants are displayed automatically. 

There are specific feedback categories for the evaluation of the meeting organizer. After selecting the appropriate category, you can also expand on your feedback with additional comments. 

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The reporting feature allows your administrators to gain valuable insight into the feedback behavior of your employees. Predefined reports allow for quick overviews. While the statistical results do not allow for an analysis on the basis of an individual employee, valuable trends can still be identified and measures taken.

Aggregated user feedback
A single click provides an overview of user feedback over a given time period and sorted by feedback category.
Create individual analyses
Various filtering options allow the generation of individual reports and analyses.
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„The software can be tailored perfectly to the individual requirements and thus offers the highest possible degree of efficiency and flexibility.“

„We significantly reduced our time-to-hire, i.e. the time from advertising the job to actually hiring the selected candidate, from 121 to 17, on average, between March and October 2011.“

„We think the uncomplicated integration of managers, which is particularly important in decentralized company structures, is great. Simple, efficient and great value for money.“


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