Inspire your employees with appraisals and see the success of the company increase in dimensions that you can measure.

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Goal setting and effective
employee appraisals

A clear goal set by mutual agreement is important for calculating performance-oriented components of compensation. How well individual goals and targets derived from company goals have been achieved can be measured at any time because the process is transparent.

But the process around the goal-setting interview has the potential to increase motivation among employees, to inspire them to go the extra mile. So the success of the company will be noticeably increased.

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Involve employees

Delegate responsibility

Provide transparency at all times

Give 360° feedback & Make feedback accessible

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Increase performance

In the context of goal-setting the software gives the employee a transparent view of the objectives of the company and/or the team. The employee can identify where and how they can make the greatest contribution to achieving a goal, and she can set her own tasks and objectives. Involve your employees and raise their performance as a result.

Document objectives set, the easy way
In a simple process, objectives can be listed and documented at any time; goals can be approved and evaluated at a later stage.

Give 360°-Feedback

To get 360°-feedback of your employees, it helps if you have the critical assessment and feedback from a third party, as an external perspective can be more valuable than the assessment by the line manager themselves. Colleagues, project team members or project managers can often judge the work of an employee better, because they have direct experience of working on cross-divisional or inter-company projects. Direct feedback will be taken more seriously and generates motivation for further professional development. The software allows swift assessment by a third party – all you have to do is send a link by e-mail and you will receive feedback immediately.

Keep sight of objectives, always

Managers have at their fingertips, by means of analyses in graph and chart form, accurate information about how well employees are achieving set objectives. With one click of the mouse you can check goals that are at risk and take action accordingly. Reports, checklists and reminders support the manager and allow them to concentrate on the job they are really meant to do.

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„The time saved by Haufe Talent Management in recruiting is enormous. This gives us more time to take care of other important tasks.“

„The software can be perfectly adapted to individual needs and thus offers the highest degree of efficiency and flexibility.“

„A simple system that can adjust for the unexpected, and which does not restrict the user unnecessarily, but actually supports him in daily work.“

„[…] Our benefit: Efficiency, no large expenditure of time for the training of new employees, information about the status of the application or the filling of the position is always available.“

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