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With the personnel development software you systematically promote the Competencies and courage of your employees.

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11. - 12.10.23
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Personnel development software: Developing employees in a targeted manner

Good HR development must not be a mere HR-Process – it must rather be understood as part of the corporate DNA. Consequently, employee appraisals held once a year are not sufficient for systematic personnel development. Anchoring personnel development in the context of daily work is a prerequisite for the success of the measures. Personnel development tools help to develop employees and retain them at company in the long term - because this places high demands on supervisors and HR. The personnel development tool from Umantis helps you to systematically identify the current need for development and training measures and to implement the derived measures with software support.

What makes our personnel development software different?

Transparency about relevant Competencies
Overview of development needs
Systematic promotion of professional skills
access on internal & external training content

Personnel development software: simple target/actualcomparison of the competence requirement

  • Competencies simply make transparent
  • Target-actual-comparison in the solution
  • Development needs at a glance
  • Clear graphical representation of the Competencies

For systematic personnel development, it is important to first make the status quo of Competencies transparent at company . With the personnel development software, this is quite easy.

Create Simply create target profiles of the positions in your company and store them with the corresponding competence requirements. In the next step, you compare the existing and required Competencies in the personnel development software by means of a target/actual comparison. This gives you full transparency about the development needs in your company.

With the help of graphical Analytics you can see at a glance in the personnel development software where requirements are not met and measures need to be taken

Personnel development software: Competencies make it transparent and easy to manage

  • Self-service for employees
  • Company-wide know-how exchange
  • Simple competence management and central information as well as data base in the competence software

The personnel development software from Umantis offers your employees the possibility to enter and maintain existing skills and Competencies independently in the personnel development software. In addition, an assessment of the maturity level of the existing Skills and Competencies is also possible. You thus achieve transparency with regard to the skills of your employees and create a basis for successful development discussions.

At the same time, this creates an information base in your personnel development software that improves your competence management . Use this for a know-how exchange from which the entire company benefits.

If Competencies is required for new projects, for example, it is a good idea to first check internally whether the required competence is already available at company . Only after the internal check should an external assignment take place.

Focus relevant Competencies with the personnel development software

  • Existing and required Skills at a glance
  • Standardization for the appraisal and development discussions
  • Systematically developrelevant Skills with the help of personnel development software

With the help of the personnel development software, employees and supervisors have a clear view of the existing and required Skills of the employee. The target/actualcomparison is a helpful basis for development discussions.

Relevant or missing Competencies, which the employee needs for his current or future tasks and goals , can be jointly agreed, assessed and specifically developed in the tool for Competencies . In addition, the HR development tool enables the required degree of standardization for the appraisal and development discussions. Another advantage: there is clarity as to which Competencies is required in which Position in company . Career steps and the path to them are thus transparent for everyone.

Share skills across the enterprise network using workforce development software

  • Promotecollaboration across the enterprise
  • Skills/Competencies publish easily in the network

In a modern personnel development tool, in addition to the professional Development of the employees, it is increasingly a matter of cooperation between colleagues in one area and/or different disciplines. In order to promote this professional cooperation and to facilitate "training on the job", each employee has the possibility to publish his Skills and skills in the network with the help of the competence management system. Even skills and experiences that are not relevant to the current Job can be presented. In this way, HR, managers or colleagues have the chance to access this information and use the skills in a meaningful way.

Experience the future of personnel development now

Test now the software for a competence management from Umantis without obligation and free of charge.

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Raiffeisen-Landesbank Steiermark AG is an Austrian regional bank headquartered in Graz. It is the largest bank and top institution of the Raiffeisen Banking Group Styria. Abacus Umantis AG has the privilege to accompany the Raiffeisen Banking Group Styria with its comprehensive and value-adding HRM suite in the long term. The simplification and digitalization of processes, especially the succession process, has a special focus.

Umantis Talent Management: Not only good, now also awarded.
Swiss Paraplegic Group scores with Umantis at the Swiss Employer Award.

Talent Management Processes at Sacher: Focusing on People. Typical Sacher: Designing talent management processes in such a way that talents are optimally empowered. And this with the optimal support of the Umantis software.

The ten cooperatives, the numerous subsidiaries and foundations make the diversity of the Migros Group particularly striking and challenging.

The Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft, headquartered in Vienna, has been able to greatly simplify the entire applicant administration in recruiting with Umantis Applicant Management .

As a leading airport in Europe, we pursue professional employer branding. Umantis is an essential core element for attracting and managing our human resources policy.

"(...) Our benefits: Efficiency, no big time expenditure for the course | training of new employees, and always continuous information about the status of the application; to name just a few

"Working with Umantis has always been easy and focused on our needs. The platform offers tangible added value with regard to Applicant Management. We look forward to integrating more modules to enable a consistent candidate experience."

A significant time- and thus cost saving is only one added value from which the VTU Group has benefited since the introduction of the Applicant Management solution from Umantis.

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