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Those who courageously take new paths also want to develop. With career planning, you show employees career paths & give clear perspectives.

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Succession planning - filling key positions properly with a succession plan

Succession- and career planning is an indispensable tool for ensuring that key positions are filled. It is therefore crucial for the smooth scaling of the company's success. With the help of succession planning software, you can easily support this Process. It makes it easy for you to identify the most important specialist and management positions and ensure that they are filled optimally. Focus on key positions and make personnel risks transparent in order to recruit qualified Successor in good time. By drawing up a Succession- and career plan for your employees, you show career paths and provide clear perspectives for the professional Development.

What do we do differently with succession planning in our software?

Focus on key positions
Make personnel risks transparent & reduce Active
Systematic promotion in professional & managerial careers
Talent pools for various high potentials

Easily assess career potential with the succession planning tool

In succession planning, the assessment of the executive's potential is a decisive factor. It should be structured intelligently but simply, so that the:the hiring manager has little effort in creating it and the most important information is stored directly in the software. In addition, care should be taken to ensure that the potential analysis is demand-oriented and detached from rigid career planning processes.

The succession planning software from Umantis optimally supports this Process . With the succession planning tool, the manager can not only provide an assessment of potential, but also an estimate of the risk of the respective employee leaving. This is especially crucial for key positions .

Succession planning software: Quickly compare potential Successor

In the succession planning software, vacant positions are visible at a glance and potential Successor are displayed directly. With just a few clicks, you can compare all potential employees in the succession planning tool, including the most important key figures.

The comparison of candidates is thus very simple and transparent. If a suitable candidate is not found immediately, it makes sense to check existing, internal talent pools for suitable candidates before starting external recruitment.

Compare at a glance: Drag and drop the potential carriers for the Succession and thus see the most important key figures directly in the solution.

Career planning: real-time organizational chart in succession planning tool

The real-time organization chart in the succession planning software of Umantis displays all positions of the employees in company. Here you are free to import existing organization charts or build a new one directly in the tool. For key positions, you can also see a potential matrix of the current position holder, as well as the career plan for the planned Succession.

This allows you to quickly identify possible weaknesses and act accordingly. The succession planning tool allows you to search for suitable succession candidates using keywords at search and store them in the career plan.

Use the candidate potential of the entire company and not just that of your own team. Using drag & drop in the succession planning software, you can display potential candidates in a calibration round based on the most important key figures (exit risk, potential assessment) in comparison in relation to each other. Real-time analysis & comparisons are quick and easy in Succession Planning. The respective departure risk of the employees is also displayed directly here.

Succession Planning Tool: Build and advertise talent pools

HR and executives have the opportunity to advertise talent pools to recruit internally for current projects, positions or development programs.

As part of succession planning, talent pools can also be used for the targeted development of Skills needed in the future, thus initiating systematic promotion in specialist and management careers. Employees can apply for jobs at Active and thus advance their personal Development or career paths.

This increases employee satisfaction and makes planning transparent. At the same time, a transparent training culture increases the acceptance of individual advancement.

Experience the future of succession planning now

Test the succession planning software from Umantis now without obligation and free of charge.

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Raiffeisen-Landesbank Steiermark AG is an Austrian regional bank headquartered in Graz. It is the largest bank and top institution of the Raiffeisen Banking Group Styria. Abacus Umantis AG has the privilege to accompany the Raiffeisen Banking Group Styria with its comprehensive and value-adding HRM suite in the long term. The simplification and digitalization of processes, especially the succession process, has a special focus.

Umantis Talent Management: Not only good, now also awarded.
Swiss Paraplegic Group scores with Umantis at the Swiss Employer Award.

Talent Management Processes at Sacher: Focusing on People. Typical Sacher: Designing talent management processes in such a way that talents are optimally empowered. And this with the optimal support of the Umantis software.

The ten cooperatives, the numerous subsidiaries and foundations make the diversity of the Migros Group particularly striking and challenging.

The Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft, headquartered in Vienna, has been able to greatly simplify the entire applicant administration in recruiting with Umantis Applicant Management .

As a leading airport in Europe, we pursue professional employer branding. Umantis is an essential core element for attracting and managing our human resources policy.

"(...) Our benefits: Efficiency, no big time expenditure for the course | training of new employees, and always continuous information about the status of the application; to name just a few

"Working with Umantis has always been easy and focused on our needs. The platform offers tangible added value with regard to Applicant Management. We look forward to integrating more modules to enable a consistent candidate experience."

A significant time- and thus cost saving is only one added value from which the VTU Group has benefited since the introduction of the Applicant Management solution from Umantis.

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