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Succession Planning – appoint the right people to key positions

Identifying successors and planning career tracks are essential tasks in ensuring that key positions are never left unoccupied for any length of time. Planning the future in this way is decisive for the steady growth of the company and long-term success. Identify the most important line management and general management posts. Focus on these key positions and make personnel risks transparent so that qualified successors can be appointed in good time. By plotting the trajectory of careers, you also show employees the way up and give them a glimpse of what they could achieve within the company.

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Make personnel risks transparent & thus proactively minimize risk

Systematically foster line & general management careers

Talent pools for high-potential employees

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Identify potential easily

Identifying potential is a decisive factor in succession planning. The task should be set up in an intelligent but uncomplicated way so that the line manager will not have too much work with regard to drafting assessments and so that the most important information is saved straight to the application. You should also ensure that the potential assessment is drawn up according to requirements, independent of rigid career tracking processes.

Comparison & Calibration

Often, recruiters check the internal talent pool before they look outside the company for suitable candidates. Vacancies can be instantly seen in the software and potential successors are flagged. In a matter of clicks you can compare all potential candidates for the job, including key data.

Kandidatenvergleich in der Nachfolgeplanung
Organigram in der Nachfolgeplanung

Organizational chart in real time

In our real-time organizational chart the positions of relevant employees are shown. In key positions, you also have a potential matrix of the current holder of the position and of the planned successor. By means of drag & drop you can have the system display and compare in a calibration measurement all the potential candidates on the basis of key data (likelihood that they will leave, potential rating).

Build up talent pools & post internal job ads

HR and managers can advertise talent pools in order to recruit internally for current projects or to win participants for training and development programs.

With regard to personnel development, talent pools can also be leveraged for targeted building of competencies and thus careers in management and/or in specialist fields can be systematically promoted. Employees can apply for internal postings and advance their own professional development. This raises employee satisfaction and makes planning transparent.

Kandidatenübersicht in der Nachfolgeplanung

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„[…] Our benefit: Efficiency, no large expenditure of time for the training of new employees, information about the status of the application or the filling of the position is always available.“

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