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Haufe Talent Relationship Management

Recruiting Top Talent

The desired talents are not always actively looking for jobs. Haufe Talent Relationship Management supports your personnel recruitment beyond the classic recruiting process. In addition to regular applicants, passive talents, which are often difficult to attract with conventional measures, can be developed into applicants via a personal talent journey. Simply maintain the relationship with all candidates.

Thanks to the Haufe Talent Relationship Management Software, you can communicate with your target groups individually, quickly and easily - even with critical target groups. Your advantage: A personal relationship with talents throughout the entire Talent Journey.

Use relationships during the Talent Journey to approach the right talents, network with them and ultimately build a long-term relationship. This makes it easy to build up talent pools with attractive candidates and track them systematically. Potentials of already known talents such as Second Best, interns and alumni often remain unused. With the software, you can quickly convert talents to new employees when needed.

What we do differently?

Larger talent network — active and passive talent

Target group-specific communication

Automatic pool assignment

Seamless transition from to the Haufe Applicant Management system

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Easy creation and maintenance of talent pools

The Talent Relationship Software allows the creation and systematic maintenance of qualified talent pools - a competitive advantage in acute recruiting needs and the war for talents!

Classify talent profiles automatically into target group-specific talent pools. You can also proactively segment qualified talent profiles by events or initiatives.

Bring the right talents to the right job

Through integration with applicant management, recruiters can find suitable candidates for open positions even before the public announcement. Talents also receive exclusive job offers. This time-consuming assignment is taken off the automated Talent -Job Matching feature.

Sustainable control of your event recruiting

Plan and organize events to build and maintain relationships with talent in a more personalized way for specific target groups. Integrate talent community registration with marketing activities around planned recruiting events. For example, share a QR code with a link to register on invitations and flyers, or personally invite booth visitors to register with your talent community.

Once registered, you ensure individual and targeted communication with your talents. Send photos of the event to the participants after the event or draw attention to your next event nearby - there are no limits to your creativity.

Best of all: communication with your talents is traceable and controllable at any time. If an event is only aimed at a specific target group, simply select the appropriate talent pool. Thanks to template templates and automatisms, communication and tracking is a breeze.

Customer Success Stories

Over 1,000 satisfied customers are the best recommendation

„The time saved by Haufe Talent Management in recruiting is enormous. This gives us more time to take care of other important tasks.“

„The software can be perfectly adapted to individual needs and thus offers the highest degree of efficiency and flexibility.“

„A simple system that can adjust for the unexpected, and which does not restrict the user unnecessarily, but actually supports him in daily work.“

„[…] Our benefit: Efficiency, no large expenditure of time for the training of new employees, information about the status of the application or the filling of the position is always available.“

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