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Recruiting Top Talent

The desired talent is not always actively seeking a new job. Haufe Talent Relationship Management supports your talent acquisition beyond the classic recruitment. Often, it is difficult to attract passive talent with conventional measures. Via a personal talent journey, you can develop them into applicants to supplement your pool of regular applicants. Simply maintain your relationship with all candidates.

The Haufe Talent Relationship Management software allows you to communicate quickly and easily with your target groups in an individual manner — even with critical target groups. 

Your advantage: You can quickly fill vacancies with top talent from your talent pool and thus save resource consuming recruitment activities in most cases.

What we do differently:

  • A single talent profile in one system
  • Seamless transition from the Talent Relationship Management to the Haufe Applicant Management system
  • Larger talent network — active and passive talent
  • Target group-specific communication
  • Automatic pool assignment

A personal relationship with talent along the entire talent journey

If a vacancy has to be filled urgently, most companies are forced to put a great deal of resources into the recruitment process, e.g. the job posting and handling of the respective applications, or time-consuming active sourcing. Even if the right talents become aware of the job offer, it can still take a long time before they apply. Why? It's simple: In most cases, the talent is not yet familiar with your company or has not yet established a relationship with it. The time-consuming process of “getting to know” your company is only initiated with the job posting. This means that valuable time and resources are lost!

The Haufe Talent Relationship Management software enables you to establish a relationship with attractive talent early on. Throughout the entire journey that a talent undertakes — from the first contact with the company until they arrive at the company — you can accompany and sustain this journey. 

During the talent journey, the company can use various points of contact between the talent and the company in order to appeal to the right talent, to network with them and ultimately establish a relationship with them. This allows you to easily create and systematically maintain talent pools with attractive candidates, enabling you to convert them into employees as quickly as possible when needed. 

Potentials of already known talent, such as second best, interns and alumni, often remain unused. The Haufe Talent Relationship Management software also closes these gaps. Stay in touch with this talent and, in addition, create a coordinated, consistent and personalized experience in all phases.

A single talent profile for a consistent talent experience

Ensure a consistent talent experience for the talent relevant to you throughout the entire talent journey. With a single profile, talents obtain an overview of all applications, any communication to date as well as personalized job proposals and individual content.

Match the right talent to the right job

The Talent Relationship software allows you to create and systematically maintain qualified talent pools — a competitive advantage in the event of acute recruiting needs and in the war for talent! Thanks to the job matching function, suitable talents are suggested directly for the respective job.


„The software can be tailored perfectly to the individual requirements and thus offers the highest possible degree of efficiency and flexibility.“

„We significantly reduced our time-to-hire, i.e. the time from advertising the job to actually hiring the selected candidate, from 121 to 17, on average, between March and October 2011.“

„We think the uncomplicated integration of managers, which is particularly important in decentralized company structures, is great. Simple, efficient and great value for money.“

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