Employees are your most valuable asset in achieving long-term success for the company. Excellence in training management guarantees that you stay successful in the long term.


Professional Training and Development

You can create the most impactful advertising campaign, the most efficient processes, but the most valuable asset in attaining long-term success for your company will always be people. And to ensure that your people remain your best asset , you need to implement an effective offering that is efficiently managed so that your employees are guaranteed the best possible opportunities for personal development.Our solution supports executives in charge of training and seminars with planning, announcements and execution of training and development, from in-house training to Learning-on-the-Job programs. No matter whether you are dealing with registrations, informing participants or measuring the effectiveness of the program, you have at your disposal an online training management program that processes both in-house and external training courses conveniently and easily.

What we do differently:

Provide internal and external training content

Integrate the process from management approval to billing

Personalized E-learning

Formal and informal learning

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Training management – simple & efficient

Your employees can view their training options at any time. All the information they need is displayed clearly in a list, making it easy for employees to organize their own professional development. And it’s fun: All employees have to do is choose a course and get the efficient approval and registration process rolling.

With our software, you can announce courses quickly, simply and in a manner that appeals directly to the target group you want to reach. Predetermined registration and evaluation forms, as well as checklists, support you with pre- and post-seminar tasks.

Publish your own training program

Your in-house training management is in competition with external training programs. Appealing design – in your CI – helps you promote your courses. Reach your target group and foster training in your organization!

Long-term training success

Effective training can be best achieved if the motivation of employees to sign up for a program is intrinsic. Make the list of programs available and the process involved as attractive and convenient for your employees as possible. Allow your employees to contribute their own suggestions for training programs. Because your employees often know best the development potential they possess and what will empower them to enhance their contribution to the success of the company!

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Over 1,000 satisfied customers are the best recommendation

„The time saved by Haufe Talent Management in recruiting is enormous. This gives us more time to take care of other important tasks.“

„The software can be perfectly adapted to individual needs and thus offers the highest degree of efficiency and flexibility.“

„A simple system that can adjust for the unexpected, and which does not restrict the user unnecessarily, but actually supports him in daily work.“

„[…] Our benefit: Efficiency, no large expenditure of time for the training of new employees, information about the status of the application or the filling of the position is always available.“

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