Integrate new employees enthusiastically and make them productive more quickly with an onboarding solution.

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Onboarding employees correctly

Around 30% of all company receive notices of termination before the first day of work. This means high costs and a lot of effort for the HR department. The demands of new employees on their future employers have increased significantly, so that signing a contract today is no guarantee that the desired candidates will actually take up the Job position. With our onboarding solution you get the perfect tool to stay in close contact with your employees from the moment they sign the contract and to train them individually and successively. Make your desired candidates experience the corporate culture from Start and show them appreciation thanks to personal support – all this even before their first day of work. This way, thoughts of quitting before the first day of work don't even arise. The onboarding solution can be used via the app or the (mobile) website.

What do we do differently with our onboarding software?

Map onboarding processes digitally
communication play out appreciatively
Targeted cultural integration
Individual professional training

Digital mapping of onboardingProcess

  • Overview of the entire onboarding process
  • Reduce administrative effort
  • Assign tasks directly in the onboarding software
  • Quickly and easily share articles, tasks, events

With Umantis Onboarding you use a simply structured and automated onboarding software. The functions saves you time and reduces the administrative effort.

Create The onboarding journey is simple, individual and at the same time scalable. Transfer the candidate profiles from Applicant Management or create the profiles of the new employees directly in the solution. Here you have an overview of who is involved in the individual tasks of the journey throughout the entire journey and can see the progress of the onboarding processes at a glance .

‍Always keep a full overview of the status of the onboarding process.

The Contents, which are given to new employees during the Onboarding process, you can easily create in the software. Whether articles, tasks, events or surveys, you can share them with your new employees via the website and the app. You can assign roles and responsibilities when creating the users and adjust them at any time according to the responsibilities.

Integrating new employees in a targeted manner

  • Onboarding even before the first day of work
  • Positive candidate experience even beyond the signing of the contract
  • Relevant and appreciative communication easily controlled with the onboarding solution

Inspiring onboarding starts as soon as the new employee signs his or her contract. Through a relevant and appreciative communication, you encourage new employees in their final decision for your company and take them on their new journey even before their first day of work.

With the onboarding solution, you get into an exchange with new employees before their first day of work and thus maintain the positive candidate experience. New employees are happy to receive any information about their new employer. Share posts, e.g. about the new team, the company's values and culture. This is how you introduce new employees to your company step by step. Answer any questions that arise and clarify important points issues before the first day of work.

Increase productivity of new employees

  • Cultural integration as well as sustainable, professional induction with the help of structured onboarding
  • Optimal preparation of the environment for the new employees – fast, structured and custom-fit induction of onboardees
  • Increased productivity from Start

Onboarding-Process must aim at social and cultural integration and sustainable, professional on boarding of employees. Increase employee productivity by sharing all important information at the right time.

Achieve higher productivity of new employees through a structured onboarding process and tailored preparation of the employee environment. Ignite the performance of your employees with targeted onboarding. Plan the right mix of training, information and initial tasks in your onboarding software. Promote fast and sustainable onboarding. This ensures successful integration into the team/company and collaboration with adjacent areas.

Experience the future of learning management now

Test the learning management software from Umantis now without obligation and free of charge.

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Raiffeisen-Landesbank Steiermark AG is an Austrian regional bank headquartered in Graz. It is the largest bank and top institution of the Raiffeisen Banking Group Styria. Abacus Umantis AG has the privilege to accompany the Raiffeisen Banking Group Styria with its comprehensive and value-adding HRM suite in the long term. The simplification and digitalization of processes, especially the succession process, has a special focus.

Umantis Talent Management: Not only good, now also awarded.
Swiss Paraplegic Group scores with Umantis at the Swiss Employer Award.

Talent Management Processes at Sacher: Focusing on People. Typical Sacher: Designing talent management processes in such a way that talents are optimally empowered. And this with the optimal support of the Umantis software.

The ten cooperatives, the numerous subsidiaries and foundations make the diversity of the Migros Group particularly striking and challenging.

The Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft, headquartered in Vienna, has been able to greatly simplify the entire applicant administration in recruiting with Umantis Applicant Management .

As a leading airport in Europe, we pursue professional employer branding. Umantis is an essential core element for attracting and managing our human resources policy.

"(...) Our benefits: Efficiency, no big time expenditure for the course | training of new employees, and always continuous information about the status of the application; to name just a few

"Working with Umantis has always been easy and focused on our needs. The platform offers tangible added value with regard to Applicant Management. We look forward to integrating more modules to enable a consistent candidate experience."

A significant time- and thus cost saving is only one added value from which the VTU Group has benefited since the introduction of the Applicant Management solution from Umantis.

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